Perfect Weather ~ Sunshine!


Jaltemba Bay Weather!

Always some sunshine!

We are 45 kms north of Puerto Vallarta airport in the center of the Riviera Nayarit coastline. Our area is usually a little cooler the PV with a little less humidity.

                                           November to May averages
                                          Highs 80-85F  / 27 – 29C     Lows 62-68F  / 18-21C     very little rain.

                               On Google Earth we are 21.0207.91N & 105.1522.51 W

Look for us!

What’s for Breakfast – Mexico Style!

Breakfast at Guayabitos Bed&BreakfastWhat’s for breakfast at a B&B in Mexico?

 Here is a sampling!

Eggs & Shrimp in Tamales

A tamale is comfort food in Mexico!  Chili rellenos are another and a favorite.   Here, we stuff a poblano chili with eggs, shrimp & queso.  Then place it inside an opened tamale. Add fresh fruit to the plate and a ripe, lucious avocado.   Served with salsas de la casa, including fresh roasted tomato, roasted  tomatillo and roasted jalapeno.  Offer Valentina’s or Huichol sauces.  Delicioso!

Open Tamale ready for more stuffingGuayabitos B&B Salsas de la Casa




Getting to Jaltemba Bay

Transportation from the PV airport to Guayabitos B&B

There are many options for getting to Jaltemba Bay and most of them are easy for the average traveler:  Taxi, Van Services, Car Rentals, Local Bus Service.  For the uninitiated traveler, using a van service pick up makes it easy!  Let us know and we will refer you to our trusted local service.  We also have a favorite car rental agency with great service.  For experienced travelers, using a combination local taxi and regional bus service is a great way to travel.  Instructions in English and Spanish for taxi drivers.